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This split is the consequence of the multiple affinities sonorous and artistic of Pia Achternkamp and Susana López (Susan Drone). Due to their common influences such as Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley or Charlemagne Palestine and their love for strange sounds, experimentation, drones, … these two sound explorers have met several times at national festival events. This tape reveals that common affinity for creating dark music, but not depressing, for building their own sonic instruments and for performing live shows that invite them to escape to other worlds of fantasy and reflection.

Happy/Pretty/Healthy/Rich y Huldra _ Música por Pia Achternkamp y Susan Drone _ Diseño gráfico por Susan Drone_ Grabado por Crystal Mine . Burgos - Berlín - Murcia , 2020 . Puedes comprarlo aquí: crystalmine@disroot.org . C60 #anticopyright

released June 4, 2020

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