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The mushroom show

We have the chance to share with you the new album of CHRUCH - THE MUSHROOM SHOW which comes out on the new label of Augustin Rebetez LABEL RAPACE //

CHRUCH : THE MUSHROOM SHOW (EN) Album composed and recorded in autumn 2020 in Mervelier, Switzerland, The Mushroom Show is a small lo-fi gem published by Label Rapace in cassette format. Sweet, sad and choral at the same time, this season’s album has a few more punk tracks, with broken rhythms and lyrics in French, Spanish, German or approximate English. Sensitive and raw, The Mushroom Show is a poetic and powerful album.

LABEL RAPACE (EN) Created in 2021, Label Rapace is a small independent structure that aims to promote raw and sensitive artistic projects by publishing books and releasing records. released January 15, 2021

CHRUCH, 2020

Augustin Rebetez

Lorena Stadelmann

Pia Achternkamp

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