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nomadicRadio SESSION 24

nomadicArt · NomadicRadio SESSION 24

The interdisciplinary duo SHRIMP are Veronika Svobodová and Pia Achternkamp. The material for this radio show „and sometimes it was foggy“ was recorded in June/July 2022 on two different islands in the north of Norway.
The interdisciplinary duo SHRIMP attended an art residency on the island Engeløya, hosted by artist/filmmaker/curator/gentle activist Eva Bakkeslett: her program Agency Of Imagination is an incubator for reimagining, re-skilling, relearning, reconnecting, reinventing and rewiring. After collecting kilos of nettles for soups and salads and hours of field recordings, SHRIMP had long electro-acoustic sessions in Eva’s beautiful atelier: improvising with the ambient sound recordings from the island, analog synthesisers/drum machines and some self built instruments made of materials found in the forests and at the shores of Engeløya.
SHRIMP continued their journey even further up north to Kråkeslottet - an old fish plant from 1899 placed on pillars in the arctic ocean that hosts the arts festival ArtiJuli. Achternkamp and Svobodová shared their sound material from Engeløya with the people at Kråkeslottet and recorded their reactions which then became part of this first half of two thirty-minute compositions „and sometimes it was foggy“

We want to thank Eva Bakkeslett and Georg Blichfeldt. Warmest greetings to the wonderful folks at Kråkeslottet.



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